Got A Match?

Another incredible Chick Corea piece is ‘Got a match?’, which he first played with the ‘Elektrik Band’. It was released in 1986, and it’s a very particular kind of shred, where Chick and his band ‘show off’ their technique. Its live versions are very nice, and the characteristics of these exhibitions are: they are usually […]

500 Miles High

First of all, R.I.P. Chick Corea. He’s recently passed away, and I cannot explain how sad it’s been for me to hear such terrible news. He’s been my primary source of inspiration in my path through jazz music. His memory will live forever, through the beautiful pieces and performances he’s left to us. So, I […]

Chick Corea

Chick Corea is by far my favourite pianist. He’s won 23 grammy awards and he’s written 2 of my 3 favourite pieces of all time. He can literally play anything, but I think that his genius is expressed by latin music. In fact, the 2 pieces I love are Spain and Armando’s Rhumba. These are […]

Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson is probably the most precise guitar virtuoso I’ve ever seen. His alternated picking technique and sweep picking are clean and perfect. His signature guitar is the ‘Ernie Ball Music Man Jason Richardson Artist Series Cutlass’, and has 7 strings. I’ve first got to know him by his featuring solos in Polyphia’s ‘Aviator’ and […]

Guthrie Govan

One of my favourite guitarists is Guthrie Govan. He is a jazz fusion guitarist and his signature guitar is Charvel HSH FLAME MAPLE. His peculiarity is that is technique is so perfect he treats the guitar as part of his body: he is able to play with every technique. The very first Guthrie’s piece I […]

Tim Henson

Polyphia’s lead guitarist Tim Henson, is one of my favorite progressive metal guitarists. His signature guitar is Ibanez THBB10. He’s extremely creative and talent, and his peculiarity is that he can very easily create astounding riffs. For example check out this video. His signature technique is hybrid picking, and it’s thanks to him that I […]

Blue Bossa, Kenny Dorham

Blue Bossa, by Kenny Dorham, is a piece that blends hard bop and bossanova. The chord structure is the following: | Cm6 | Cm6 | Fm7 | Fm7 | Dm7b5 | G7#5#9 | Cm6 | Cm6 | Ebm7 | Ab7 | Dbmaj7| Dm7b5 | G7#5#9 | Cm6 | (G7) | Its first appearance in an […]

Armando’s Rhumba, Chick Corea

One of Chick’s greatest masterpieces is ‘Armando’s Rhumba’.  As the name suggests, the song has the style and the structure of a cuban rhumba. The theme and the solos have the same chord structure: | C- | D7 | G7 | C- | C- | D7 | G7 | C- | C7b9 | F-7 | […]

Spain, Chick Corea

One of my favorite pieces, both to listen to and to play on the piano, is Chick Corea’s Spain. Its first appearance was in 1972, when the album ‘Light as a Feather’ was published. After a slow opening, which is actually the adagio from Joaquin Rodrigo’s ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’, the song turns into something very […]

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