The Earthsea Saga

The Earthsea saga, by Ursula K. Le Guin, is a collection of fantasy books I particularly enjoyed. It talks about a world of magical creatures that live together in harmony. Some humans have the power to cast magic spells and control nature. The most gifted and powerful ones gather on the island of Roke, where […]

Seven Brief Lessons On Physics

‘Seven Brief Lessons On Physics’, by Carlo Rovelli, is a divulgation physics book that introduces people to the nicest and most modern problems of physics. As you can imagine, it is divided into seven parts and a preface. The peculiarity of this book is that not only it covers a lot of contemporary theories and […]

Zero To One

I recently started to be interested in business and start-ups, so I decided to read Peter Thiel’s ‘Zero To One’. This book talks about how to create innovation and let your start-up grow. Thiel says that copying something that already existed brings the world from 1 to n, meaning that by doing so you can […]

The Meaning Of It All

‘The Meaning Of It All’ is one of my favourite books written by the hero-physicist Richard P. Feynman. This book is a collection of three conferences Feynman held in 1963 at the University of Washington. He’s famous for the intellectual provocation he used to throw at the audience and for his clear way of speaking. […]

The Solitude Of Prime Numbers

A very interesting Novel is ‘The Solitude Of Prime Numbers’, by Paolo Giordano. It talks about the story of Mattia and Alice, who both have some serious personal problems, and about how their relationship grows in time.  I really appreciated how the author was able to continuatively switch points of view and put himself into […]

Blue Ocean Strategy

One of my favorite economy books so far is ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’, by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. It is essentially a guidebook on how to create uncontested market space and make competition irrelevant. It is divided into 9 chapters, which explain the complete process of creating a start-up that is free from competition […]

The Order Of Time

‘The Order Of Time’, by Carlo Rovelli, is one of my favorite divulgation physics books. It talks about one of the greatest mysteries humanity has to deal with: time. Everyone has a perception of time, both for people and for physicists, who have formulated many theories throughout the years and contributed to the evolution of […]

The Lüneburg Variation

‘The Lüneburg Variation’, by Paolo Maurensig,  is a very interesting novel about chess I really enjoyed reading. It is a story of evil and revenge which is centered on the game of chess. This game permeated the whole story with an elevated and yet also sinister, cabalistic aura. It is an absorbing story. Its background […]

The Girl With The Leica

One of my favorite books is ‘The Girl With The Leica’, by Helena Janeczek. It talks about the story of Gerda Pohorylle, who later changed her name to Gerda Taro, seen from the perspective of three of her closest friends. Gerda was an independent and adventurous woman, who loved photography and journalism, as the title […]

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